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What are the prospects for the mid- to high-end office furniture market?

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In the past, office furniture gave the impression of a single color and a fixed style, just for basic office use. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, beauty, lightness, comfort, flexibility, personality, durability, environmental protection, and sustainable use have gradually become people's requirements for office furniture. More humanized and technological office furniture products are continuously introduced, prompting The mid- to high-end market for office furniture has become a place of competition among enterprises.

In order to form a better competitive advantage in the market, furniture companies have invested more and more energy in the design of office furniture. The improvement of the quality of office furniture has become an important part of the upgrading of the furniture industry. The enterprise even set off a wave of "private customization" in the office furniture market, but some of the problems it brought are also concerned by everyone. The lack of clear standards has caused many merchants to have varying levels of "private customization". Not only that, in the process of customizing, merchants have to replace good-quality materials, add parts, and add various reasons for manual design, which has always been controversial.


In fact, when corporate buyers and consumers buy office furniture, in addition to the modern and fashionable appearance of the furniture, they pay more attention to the comfort and functionality of the product, because these factors directly affect the work efficiency of employees. As the "joint" of office furniture, hardware accessories play a decisive role in the comfort of office furniture, and are highly valued by distribution customers and consumers.

It is understood that the value of hardware accessories in office furniture is only 5%, but the operating comfort level is 85%. Excellent hardware accessories have brought a powerful impact on the service life, comfort and functionality of office furniture. support. Many office furniture dealers have chosen hardware accessories produced by some big brand enterprises to improve the market competitiveness of their products.

With the continuous increase of enterprises, the demand for office furniture is also increasing, and the market prospect is good. At the same time, foreign-funded enterprises are constantly pouring into the domestic market, and industry competition will intensify. Industry insiders said that in the next few years, office furniture companies will enter the industry reshuffle with superior quality, competitive price, and survival of the fittest. Domestic office furniture companies want to gain a foothold in the mid-to-high-end market, and office furniture should be more comfortable and functional. Pay attention, the role of hardware accessories in office furniture should not be underestimated.

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