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What should I pay attention to when maintaining office furniture?

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With the progress of society, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the office environment, and the office furniture used is becoming more and more advanced. How to maintain good office furniture? Next, Shengzhao Furniture will introduce some tips for maintaining office furniture.

General procedures for office furniture maintenance:

1. First use a clean soft cloth to remove dust, then spray a layer of spray wax, and then gently wipe clean with a cloth.

2. For the maintenance of the metal parts of the glass handle, wipe with a dry soft cloth. If there is oil stain, clean it with special cleaning liquid.

3. For grooves, holes and other irregularities, use a feather duster or a small cotton stick to remove dust. The interior, back, and side panel blocks of the furniture are cleaned regularly to prevent dust and infestation.

Tools / raw materials

Bizhuzhu wax, cotton cloth, soft brush, etc.

Steps / methods:

Solid wood

1. Frequently use soft cloth to follow the texture of the wood to remove dust from furniture. Before removing dust, dip it on the soft cloth (Bi Lizhu), do not wipe with a dry cloth, so as not to wipe the flowers.

2. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid oxidation of the paint film on the surface, yellowing of furniture, and color difference. When the solid wood furniture is used in a relatively dry environment, manual humidification measures are required, such as: regularly wringing the furniture with a soft cloth moistened with water to wipe the furniture.

3. Pay attention to the protection of the paint film, beware of collision of hard objects and scribing of knives, and it is more inappropriate to copy and copy on the desktop. Try to avoid letting the furniture surface come into contact with corrosive liquids, such as alcohol, nail polish, gasoline, acid, alkali, etc.

4. The cabinet doors and drawers should be pulled lightly and placed gently to reduce the impact vibration to the furniture. The hardware parts should be lubricated frequently.



1. To ensure the ventilation of the living room, too dry or humid air will accelerate the aging of the leather.

2. Don't put the leather sofa in direct sunlight, or in the place where the air conditioner blows directly, as this will make the leather hard. Direct sunlight will fade the colored leather.

3. After sitting for a long time, you should often pat the sedentary parts and edges to restore the original state and reduce the occurrence of depressions due to the concentration of sitting force.

4. When wiping the sofa, don't rub it vigorously, so as not to damage the epidermis, let alone alkaline cleaning liquid, gasoline organic solvent, which will reduce the leather's softness and wrinkle after long-term use.

5. Wipe the sofa with a soft cotton flannel. If there are water stains, it should be quickly dried. If there is mildew, you need to use a sofa special maintenance agent and care products to prevent the leather from fading and roughening.

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