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What are the dynamic requirements for good office chairs?

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Recently, many customers have called to consult the office chair. Among them, how to identify the excellent office chair? A good office chair must meet the following requirements:

Synchronous tilting structure

The new reclining structure of the office chair is designed according to the physiological structure of the human body. The traditional rotating shaft is moved from the center of the seat to the front edge of the seat. With a special structure, the user's feet can be stable and firm. Contact with the ground.

Toggle type tilting structure

This structure achieves the requirements of dynamic balance by adjusting the angle of the chair back, so that people can lean on the backrests of different angles during work to adapt to the requirements of various working natures.


Safe and reliable 5-claw leg

The area of the 5-claw foot sole is 20% larger than the 4-claw foot, and the safety is greatly improved. Although the foot area of the 6-claw chair can be increased by 5%, it often stumbles on the used foot, which is not convenient to use.

Safe, flexible and durable chair wheels

Due to the different materials of the floor, in addition to considering the flexible steering, smooth rolling and pressure and wear resistance when choosing the wheel, more attention should be paid to the material of the wheel. Firm and durable, not to scratch the clothing.

A good chair must stand the test for a long time, so it must be reasonably designed, precise in structure, appropriate in material and well-made.

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