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What are the technical requirements for office chair assembly?

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Custom file cabinets require high quality, veritable, robust and reliable. If it is pure wooden furniture, pay attention to its water content should not exceed 12%, it is better to choose the tenon structure instead of nail gun assembly. The office furniture must be straight and straight, the diagonal lines must be consistent, the floor should be stable, the hardware components should be strong, and the doors and drawers should be sensitive to open. The office furniture made of leather must be smooth, free of bubbles, cracks and tight joints. Office chairs have many styles and style products. Different products have different processes, but they need to be assembled in strict accordance with the assembly requirements during the equipment process. So what are the technical requirements for office chair assembly?

1. When the combination of wooden nail holes and wooden nails is too loose, it cannot be assembled;

2. When combining the back of the chair, pay attention to whether the left and right rear columns are complete. Those with armrest holes and those without armrest holes cannot be combined together;

3. Spilled glue should be "wiped" clean after combination to avoid affecting subsequent projects;

4. The embossed surface of the chair brain should not be burnt or cracked;

5. The flower line carving between the chair and the back column (the general term for the three creation methods of carving, engraving and plastic) should be engraved according to the pattern of the flower line, and there should be no difference in height and width

6. After the assembly of the chair brain, back post, and Hou Ya, if it is found (cracking), the replacement parts should be removed immediately;


7. Before using, the wooden nails must be inspected to see if their circular diameter and length meet the requirements, and if the wooden nails are only baked (cracks), they can be filled with glue;

8. The back plate should be fixed with headless nails to avoid loosening, and sinking when nailing to avoid nails;

9. The assembled back of the chair should be neatly arranged on the board frame; the upper and lower layers should be separated by cardboard to avoid scratching and bruising;

10. The backrest combination must be at right angles and within 2mm of the diagonal to facilitate processing;

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